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What You Needs To Know


How can I help?


You can talk to any board member to see what our current needs are. During the season our biggest need is normally in the concession stand. You can also check with your child’s coach to see how you can help him/her. Coaches often need a hand with keeping the score book, keeping pitch counts or helping to organize a team gathering such as adventuring to the ice cream stand after a game.


What is the commitment?


It depends.

We normally start indoor winter clinics in February and run them through the first week in March. These clinics are optional, but players must be registered in order to participate in our winter clinics. Clinics are normally 2 hours each on Sundays over the course of 2 to 3 weeks.

Once teams are drafted in March, our coaches try and start practices in early April. Weather can impact practice schedules a lot. The younger divisions may practice 1-2 times per week while older teams will shoot for 2-3 times per week. The frequency will depend on the availability of facilities as well as the coaches work schedule.  Once games start the number of practices normally drop off slightly.

Games start the last week of April and normally run through the end of June.

Additionally, all players age 8-12 are eligible to try out for All-Stars. All-Star team play will normally run mid-June through the end of July with District 8 setting the schedules for tournament play.


How many games are played per week?


T-ball will normally play 1 game per week.

Diamond will normally play 2 games per week.

Majors and Minors will normally play 2-3 games per week.

Games are scheduled Monday thru Saturday. We would only play Sunday games later in the season if we had lots of rain-outs to re-schedule. Please note there is a minimum requirement of regular season games played under Little League International rules, so this drives our need to get games played / rescheduled.


What time are games?


Weeknight games will never start before 5:30 PM. Saturday games can start as early as 8 AM and as late as 3 PM.


If it rains during the day will our game cancelled?


Possibly. Our fields have very good drainage so on many days that it rains our fields are very likely to be playable. In any case when games are cancelled, we do our very best to send out league wide communications 1 hour prior to the scheduled game time. After the 1-hour window any cancellation decisions are at the discretion of the coaches and the Homer Little League.


What do I need to buy for my child to play?


You will need to buy your child white baseball pants, and a glove. We also recommend that you purchase cleats for better traction in wet conditions. Please feel free to contact a member of the Board if experiencing financial difficulties as we strive to make baseball affordable to all families. Please refer to our equipment buying guide for guidance on purchasing baseball equipment. 

NOTE – Baseball pants and cleats are not required at the T-ball level.


What does my registration fee cover?


Your registration fee covers insurance, games, practices, umpire fees, team jersey, team hat, team shared equipment such as helmets, balls and bats. A small portion of fees are also used for field and facility maintenance / upkeep.


I don’t know my child’s coach so how do I know my child is safe with them?


All coaches must pass a Little League mandated background check before the start of each season. Furthermore, all coaches go through safety training with our Safety Officer  prior to the season.


What if my child is going to miss a game?


Just communicate as much in advance as possible with your child’s coach so they know when the child is going to be absent.


What if my child gets hurt?


Each team is provided with a first aid kit for minor injuries, and ice packs are provided as well. In the event of a more serious injury parents will be contacted and emergency services will be called if necessary. You can find the league safety plan at


I have a problem with my coach, umpire or fellow parent. Who should I contact?


Any formal complaints should be filed in writing and directed to a board member. You can find their contact information at


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